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Closed warehouses

Total space – 32,000 m2


Closed warehouses are well suited for storing different goods. The ceiling height is 8-12 m. The territory is guarded and is accessible for clients 24 hours a day – the permit mode is maintained constantly in the entire territory. The warehouses are equipped with stationary bridge cranes (lifting capacity 5-20 t).

The cargo handling process is certified in accordance with the rules of GMP + B3 standards.

The warehouses have sufficient power supply.

The closed warehouses are suited for:

Production storage: 
      – Metal products
      – Construction materials
      – Variety of port equipment and floating craft and devices
      – Installation of large scale structures
Bulk cargo handling:
      – Grain
      – Wood granules
      – Linseeds
      – Extruded Granules
      – Corn
      – Peas
Handling of general cargo:
      – Paletized cargo
      – Bagged cargo


Considering that the warehouses are located within the port territory, they are especially useful for businesses that deal with importing and exporting of cargo that is transported by waterways.

We offer our clients the possibility to transport their cargo from wagons or ships directly to their warehouse. Conversely, if the client stores their cargo in EXTRON BALTIC territory, we offer to load the cargo directly from their warehouse onto their desired mode of transport.

Open warehouses

Total space – 50,000 m2


Open warehouses are mostly used for temporary storage of cargo until it is loaded onto ships. The warehouses are equipped with stationary bridge cranes. The entire open area of the warehouse if covered with asphalt/reinforced concrete slabs. At present, the technologies allow the loading of the following categories of cargo:
– Metal products in rolls/sheets and tubes
– Sawn timber
– Stone and other types of spall
– Dolomite
– Limestone
– Oversized cargo up to 80 t
– Cargo packed in large bags
– Cargo on pallets